Where Fly Fishing is A Professional Passion

Our Seasons

SEASONS…. If not for our propensity to have occasional bitter cold and extreme heat you could almost make the claim that we can have all four seasons in one week around here.  We certainly have a variety of weather conditions, that is for certain.  But with that variety of conditions also comes the opportunity to experience it all…. and around here we fish in all conditions pretty much.  We wade and float fish (float trips) all seasons.

WINTER SEASON – Winter is a great time to catch large fish….we are fortunate to be blessed with a myriad of waters, including some wild and stocked waters, and some tailwaters also.  Some of our browns spawn early winter.  Wild waters can fish great on milder days when highs are above 40.  Delayed Harvest and other stocked waters are productive all winter, and those fish continue to do well until the river freezes over.  Truly that is about the only condition other than flood stage that you can’t catch at least some fish by varying your tactics.  Winter brings midge and blackfly hatches, as well as the occasional bwo hatch if you are on tailwaters, and little black stones (snowflies or willowflies as they are often called) if you are on smaller waters or DH waters.    Egg patterns do well as do other various /sundry under the table flies like squirmies (also called a dirt snake), san juan worms, Y2Ks, sucker spawns …you name it.  You might also sling some meat now too, and it may yield your finest fish of the season.  There isn’t a time here when we can’t fish.  Tailwaters never freeze.  The only impediment is getting there if the weather is bad. Our rainbows are late winter spawners.

SPRING SEASON – Spring is full of opportunity, our stocked waters fish well, our wild waters begin to pick up with warming temps and hatches beginning, and tailwaters are fantastic as always.  Our big hatches of several caddis and mayflies begin or occur at this time.  If that’s not enough, smallmouth fishing picks up, the largemouth and crappie spawn happens, lake fishing picks up, and we get spawning stripers and shad in several of our coastal rivers.  Its the season when you can catch them the way you want….nymphing, dries, streamers, junk, you name it.  Hard to go wrong here.

SUMMER SEASON -Our stocked waters fizzle a bit, small stream wild fishing picks up, this is the time to ‘hike in’ or fish higher elevation waters.  Great time to fish remote water.  Also a great time to fish bass, panfish, etc.  Tailwater fishing is fantastic, with copious hatches of various kinds…… our summer ‘yellow flies’ ….be they yellow sallies, Cahills, Pale Evening duns, Sulphurs….all over our area.  One water has sulphur hatches during the hottest part of the summer that would rival any you see anywhere, including out west.  Great sight fishing opportunities begin here.  Terrestrial fishing is hot, as is catching fish on tiny flies.

FALL SEASON – Fall can be our low water season.  Sight fishing and small fly fishing is supreme here.  Some of our best walk and stalk fishing, as well as prespawn fishing for our browns and brookies.  Some of our browns spawn in the fall, our brookies spawn in the fall, and smallmouth fishing is great for larger fish as normally numbers go down but size goes up.  Our stocker fishing picks up too with the start up of the Delayed Harvest season, when our Wildlife commission puts large numbers of fish from 10 to 24 inches in many marginal local waters.  Marks the beginning of ‘junk fly’ fishing season.



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