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NEW  Real Time Fishing Reports We have begun offering real time fishing reports of our trips, lessons, schools, scouting trips, and more that we will send directly from the field, most of it real time and right from location.  We can sign you up here and it will come straight to your inbox.  Also, we are able to send it as a text message to your phone also.  If you desire this service please contact me here and we’ll get you signed up.  Its that simple!



March 1, 2020 NEW TN FISHING LICENSES Available

TN licenses expire on 2-28-18 and anglers will need to renew licenses prior to or by Mar 1, 2020.  Like many states, TN has online services, a nice phone app, and you can now call from the river and obtain a license by phone.  Visit our license page here where you can renew your TN license.

A new guide license has been instituted as well, and resident TN guides will be required to purchase the $150 license while out of state Guides such as myself will have to purchase a $650 Non Resident Guide License/Permit.


BOONE DAM , TN UPDATE /SOUTH HOLSTON GENERATOR REPLACEMENT UPDATE – We started following a developing story /situation with Boone Dam what is now several years ago.  Boone Dam is the dam for the lake that both the South Holston and Watauga flow into.  IT IS NOT SOUTH HOLSTON DAM AND I AM REFERRING TO THE DAM DOWNSTREAM OF SOUTH HOLSTON TAILWATER.  Not my intent to shout but to make GIN clear I am not referring to the dam that controls the South Holston River below South Holston Lake.  Since both the SoHo and Watauga flow into Boone lake, the inflow is important.  So flows have been reduced on both rivers in an effort to do work on Boone Dam and correct the problem. 2022 is target date for completion.

Another project that is finally complete and operating normally now is the generator on the South Holston.  TVA has been working on this since September before last and have given us great (incredible) sluice flows all year since Sept 2017 and its resulted in the best fishing ever on the river.  TVA has ended the sluice flows and is now back to normal generating patterns.


youtube logoYouTube Channel – Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing – Check out our YouTube Channel with over 500 video clips to date, we have about 450 regular subscribers and almost 600, 000 views…check it out.  We have all sorts of stuff from fishing clips, to weather clips, to fly tying, a wide range of interesting stuff.  We’ll be utilizing this even more in the coming months as we use it to teach students in our fly fishing courses and lessons.  Our name is FlyFishingKat…..derived from fly fishing plus the catch of my life, my wife Kathy….Kat is short for that.   You can check it out  here .



Lightbox_1325269621539SIMMS – New products for 2020….

Ever wanted to know or get the inside scoop on new stuff from Simms?  Or want to be more comfortable on the water than you presently are? Check out the Simms site here for all the heads up on new stuff for the coming year. The Veil camo stuff will blow you away!



.SMITH Offering Great fishing again 

Generator repairs/repairs to the pumphouse were completed this year and the river is once again offering some good fly fishing opportunities.  Actually it never stopped!  I have put in countless days on the Smith the past 30 years (really one of my home waters) , and the river was lightly fished the past year because of the fire in the pumphouse and resulting repair that had to be made.  With improving release schedules and opportunities to get on the river we’ve had some great days…both fun trips and guided trips…..and simply put its been a great summer to fish the Smith.  I am quite pleased with the current health of the fishery…..Read More 


$100 Reward for Striped Bass Tag  NC State University is offering a $100 reward tag for Striped Bass as they are studying the migration and mortality of Striped Bass.  You can visit their site here for More info…


NEW!!!!!  eNewsletter QR Code and Text To Join…

Have been working on a couple new things related to our popular E-Newsletter.  You can now sign up with our new JWFF QR Code, and you can sign up by texting JWFLYFISHING to 22828….  an easy way to spread the word or tell others about our eNewsletter.  Below is the QR code…  A third way to sign up for our eNewsletter and Fly Fishing Report is by clicking this text link .


simms jump troutSimms To Restart Manufacture of Felt Soles.….Angling Trade reported yesterday that Simms, who two years ago had taken the lead among manufacturers in promising to remove all felt from their wading boots and shoes, will begin making felt-soled products once again. Simms, said AT editor Kirk Deeter, “ultimately yielded to the demands of customers, specifically dealers, who said……Read more



appRIO PRODUCTS New Fly Line Selector App– Over the years I have used a lot of Fly line products and one who is always coming up with many cutting edge products….they make some of the industry’s best known and widely used products. In 1990, Jim and Kitty Vincent founded RIO in the mountains of Idaho on the idea that exceptional fly fishing products should be built by anglers for anglers. More than twenty years later, we’re still in Idaho and driven by that same ethos. And even after all these years of selfless devotion to creating the industry’s most comprehensive and technically advanced fly line tapers (designed for just about every finned creature out there) RIO’s passion remains as strong as when we first began this journey. Some might smirk and say we’re just fanatics, using our selfish needs to create the most sophisticated, strenuously tested products available… but we call it pride… pride in the promise to give you the absolute, hands-down, best of fly fishing excellence on your rod. I use RIO lines, leaders, tippet, and several accessories. RIO is also the creater and owner of a great Fly Line selector app for your tablet, smartphone, or device…. Check the fly line selector app out here .




VA DGIF Announces new Smith River Regs (from the Martinsville Bulletin)  The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) has adopted new regulations for trout fishing on the Smith River effective Jan. 1. Beginning Saturday, no brown trout between 10 and 24 inches in length may be in possession on the waters between the Philipott Dam and the Route 636 crossing at Mitchell Bridge, a stretch of about 31 miles.  In addition, a special regulation for a small stretch of waters in northern Bassett has been removed. The eliminated regulation stated that there was a 16-inch minimum for trout fishing, and that only two could be caught per day with single-hook artificial lures.  I have fished the river and guided there since the mid 1980s and over the past season have noted more and larger fish than I have seen in some time.  Does this mean new regs are having an effect?  I don’t know, time will tell.  But I can tell you I have seen a marked difference in numbers and size of the wild browns……More



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Delayed Harvest Streams    

March marks the resuming of scheduled spring stockings  for delayed harvest waters for the 2020 SPRING season.  There will be three spring stockings as always…beginning of March, April, and May.   The last spring stocking begins 5/1/2020.  Some of the DH waters will receive fish through May 15.  All  streams should receive max numbers of fish as water levels have remained good thanks to a very wet winter.  Fishing should be outstanding on these waters the remainder of winter and into early summer …we’ve continued to catch some large fish all year long.  The fishing will only get better and better as these waters for May.


Reopen Saturday April 4 , 2020    April 6 , 2019 marks the traditional ‘Opening Day’ for Hatchery Supported Waters….also known as ‘Hook and Cook’ waters according to a good friend /customer of mine.  I would agree.  All waters will be stocked during the month of March and these waters are closed to fishing to allow stocking to be completed.  Water levels are good so folks fishing these waters should do quite well.


Trout in the Classroom NC 
The Blue Ridge Chapter of TU in Winston Salem has launched Trout in the Classroom this year.    During this whole process we are connecting kids with the outdoors, making them aware of their watersheds, the importance of protecting them and most everything else in them.  To learn more about this wonderful project visit the TIC website here .    Trout Unlimited Members, myself, and several other folks and students release fingerlings grown in classrooms as well as aiding the NC Wildlife Commission in stocking the East Fork Delayed Harvest section.  Its a great time as always and exciting time as well seeing young people excited about being outdoors and doing this.


Cliff Outdoors
We are excited to have the opportunity to have access to the Complete line of Cliff Outdoors products.  Matt Cassel and all the guys at Cliff Outdoors, “Cliffitarians” as they would call them selves, have graciously made available their products for testing and trying out.  Visit their website here .



“The New and Improved Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing Blog -We had been making plans for a very long time to update and refresh an old blogsite that we had had for some time.  Well, its finally underway and the new blogsite will be getting a lot more content in the coming weeks as well.  You can still access our old blog “Sir Castalot”  click here .  You will find a lot of video media and info.  To check out our New Blog click here .


Protect Your Waters A great site with lots of information about managing and dealing with invasive aquatic plants, weeds, and more.  This is a concern for all anglers, as we must constantly address the spreading of nuisance plants and organisms.  They can “hitch a ride” on our clothing and gear, and then released into other bodies of water—and potentially become established and create drastic results.  Learn more  here .