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Whether you spend an hour, a few hours, or an entire day with me I guarantee you you will walk away a better angler.  We make folks better anglers.  I guarantee it.”  – Jeff Wilkins


What can I expect in a Fly Fishing Class? We do organized group classes /schools including  a Fly Fish 101/Beginner class, and an Intermediate/Advanced  Level Class .  Also, we can design a school for your  group, corporate outing, etc., as well as demos for clubs too!  Inquire here and indicate your  specific interest.

In our classes we normally cover fly casting, knot tying and rigging,reading water, entomology, fly selection, and stream etiquette.  Also, as part of the course we give students insight into the fly fishing opportunities locally, regionally, nationally, and even abroad.  Our classes are hands on, we learn everything by doing.  Some folks start the class having never fished at all, or having done no fishing of any kind.  Others maybe have begun but need some direction.  Still others have been fly fishing for a while and just want to learn or correct some bad habits.  In any case I can help and would love to have you join me for a class.  It is great to have something like fly fishing that you can have fun learning, see some beautiful places, and catch some fish too!


Beginning Fly Fishing Class Syllabus Download

***Check out this clip that was featured on FOX8 news of my session with WGHP FOX8’s Shannon Smith teaching her to cast a fly rod and also giving some info on our beginner class…



April 10, 2020  FLYFISHING BEGINNER/101 Class …. For spring 2021 I am doing a Fly Fishing School /collaborative event with GREAT OUTDOOR PROVISION COMPANY in Greensboro, NC.  Class is taught by myself and manager Rob Arends.  The class is a very comprehensive one day course for 8 students.  A lot of information packed into an 8 hour day, including Casting, knot tying and rigging, equipment, fishing strategies, fly selection for warm water, cold water, saltwater species.  Beginners and novice anglers can expect to learn the skills that will allow them to catch fish on their own, and intermediate level fly fishers can advance their casting skills and fill in some holes in their technical knowledge.  We provide all equipment, including a textbook, as well as lunch and drinks.  Just bring a willingness to have fun and learn but register early, as spaces fill up fast.  This class typically sells out every time it is offered due to demand.  Class is held at Haw River State Park in Brown Summit, where we have a nice classroom space, lake for casting and fishing, and state park dining facility where we are served a fantastic lunch.  More info or to signup visit the Great Outdoor Provision Company site here .


October  2020 FLYFISHING BEGINNER /101  Class This class is the same as the above class only its a Fall class.  All content is the same.  Our October 2020 class w/GREAT OUTDOOR PROVISION COMPANY has been postponed to 2021 due to issues surrounding the COVID 19 government caused debacle. We do however , offer the same On The Water Fly Fishing School and Individual Lessons as always.


On The Water Fly Fishing School – Anytime!
Due to customer interest we are offering what we call an On the Water Fly Fishing School.  The one on one, one on two focus allows us to provide the same instruction we offer in our regular classes and do it on the river while under actual fishing conditions.  I will be at your side teaching you to read water (find fish!), cast, rig, and present your flies properly, how to hook, land, and release fish too.  We will learn by DOING…just like the Nike saying goes “Just do it.”  A great way to get someone into the sport.  This instruction is by appointment  just like a guided trip, you can book a day by calling 336.944-3628, or by email.  Lasts approx 4 hrs.  $175 for one angler, $275 for two anglers, or $375 for three anglers.  Makes a great gift for a friend, family member, or loved one.  Gift Certificates available.  Waited til the last minute and can’t find a gift?  No worry, we can do a last minute gift which is a printable e-Gift Certificate and have it in your hands with a couple of clicks.

On The Water School 1 Person     $175

On The Water School 2 People     $275

On The Water School 3 People     $375

*NOTE:  Our On the Water School is not a guided fishing trip.  It is a lesson or instruction with a little bit of fishing.  A guided fishing trip is a half or full day of fly fishing.

Knot Tying & Rigging Techniques 

Join me for a lesson in tying fly fishing knots and learning how they relate to the leader and system as a whole.  Among the knots we’ll cover are the nail knot tied without a tool, an Albright, a Duncan Loop, A perfection Loop, Pfizten knot, blood knot, improved clinch, non-slip mono loop knot, and more.  We’ll also look at joining dissimilar materials, like light material to heavy, and sometimes mono to wire.  This class will take approximately 1.5 hrs to complete .  This lesson is by appointment and can be done virtually anywhere.  You can arrange a time by contacting me at 336.944.3628 or by email at jwflyfishing@gmail.com .  Cost $40

small stream dry and dropper nymph rig




We offer FFF Certified Casting Instruction.  The FFF program is run by a Board of the FFF, a group of some of the most respected names in the world of fly fishing and fly casting, including Gary Borger, Mel Krieger, Al Kyte, Steve Rajeff, Doug Swisher, Lou Tabory, Joan Wulff, and many other experts.  For more about  the Casting Certification Program or more about the FFF here. Though I had taught fly casting since 1989,  I became an FFF Certified instructor in 1995 because of an intense desire to offer greater help to those that I teach, and to continue being a student myself!

I am a FFF Certified Instructor, so you can rest assured that your instruction is from a professional who dedicated to making sure that students get the most out of their educational experience.   I received my training one-on-one from Macauley “Mac” Lord, who is the head instructor of the LL Bean Fly Fishing Schools.  If you have been frustrated by fly casting, or maybe dealing with a nagging problem with your cast, I can help.  I have invested thousands of hours not only learning casting myself, but also in teaching others.  And I can teach those skills to others.  Whether you want to learn to cast a fly rod, or whether its working on a specific problem with your cast, or maybe a tune up just before a big trip—-I can help.

I offer FFF Certified Instruction in a number of ways, and I do organized private lessons for individuals and groups alike.   The instruction is based upon the Five Basic Principles of Fly Casting.  To set up a lesson, or for questions or more information, please use the contact us button to make your request, or you may call me at 336.944.3628, or inquire by email.  Normally, a potential student will call me and we will set up an individual appointment, and I can come to you or your home.  Also, we’ll use some video to record your casting and provide you will a copy afterward for practice and self-analysis while practicing at home.  Its a great Rx for fixing many casting ills.

I currently offer lessons I call   Fly Casting 101, Intermediate Fly Casting, Small Stream Fly Casting, Fly Casting Large Rivers, Casting Heavier Rods, and Private Custom Lessons.  For a detailed description of each of the above lessons  email me or give me a call at (336) 944-3628.  With ALL lessons I will use video clips to evaluate what we cover andshare with you feedback to use in your practice time at home.  I also include handouts specifically relevant to what we cover during the lesson and you are free to keep them for future reference.  The lesson is priced hourly but usually lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes to an hour an a half…in other words I don’t do the lesson looking at the clock to make sure we finish on the hour.  Usually that amount of time is just right for what we need to cover but doesn’t wear the student out or overload them with more information or instruction than they can handle.

Private Instruction Rate:   (1) Person 1 hr  $65.00   2hrs  $80.00       (2)People  1 hr  $80.00    2hrs  $95.00

Specialized Fishing Instruction

We also offer other instruction on specific skill sets like Dry Fly Fishing, Fishing with Small patterns,Nymphing, Streamer Fishing, and more.  This type of instruction usually is done onstream and lasts about 2-3 hours depending upon the type of lesson.  Rate for this instruction ranges from $75 for one person to $125 for two people.   For more info or to schedule this type of lesson contact me at 336.944.3628 or by email.