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Featured Trips 2021

In addition to our regular guided day fishing trips, we offer a number of what we call “Featured Trips” ranging from two days to a week, and from destinations in NC, TN, and VA to the Rocky Mountain West.  We have several outstanding trips and destinations planned for the entire 2021 season.  You do not have to have “attained” a certain skill level to participate in these trips.  Frequently we have “first time” or novice fly fishers on them and that is not a problem!  In fact, on our 2008 through 2020 Wyoming trips we had some new folks who had never fly fished or had a fly rod in their hands and they did very well!  On some of the week long trips we can get together with you for lessons/preparation beforehand so that you are equipped/prepared for the fishing we will find at our destination.   Our current offering of trips is as follows:

Escatawba Farms has become a premium destination for us, and for good reason.  The Farm is an equisitely manicured, well-maintained fly fishing haven with an abundance of heavy rainbow, brook, and brown trout.  Located in Alleghany County, Virginia, Escatawba is situated on Dunlap Creek, a spring-fed stream that runs between wooded mountainsides and fenced pastures.  Its the perfect balance of superb angling and picturesque scenery that keeps calling you back, time after time.  For novice anglers and seasoned experts alike, Escatawba boasts a beautiful one and a half acre spring fed lake;  in addition to the nearly two and a half mile stretch of water you’d swear was Montana.  And, with three ponds teeming with huge trout where you can try out your technique or watch them laugh at you from the comforts of the underbrush, there’s something for everyone, at every skill level.  With only 8 rods permitted on the property per day, you’ll have no trouble spending a little extra time matching that perfect fly.  Most outings are spent catching fish and seeing no one.  We will take up to 6 anglers per trip.  While on each trip we will usually “highlight” a particular method or technique,  it could be said we’ll use many methods during the day to catch fish.   The point is to catch fish but also to give our guests something to learn that they can take back to their home waters and catch fish.  Trip Rate is $295.00 per angler , and includes stream access fee for private water, guided fishing, flies. Lunch, Transportation.   Lodging, license, and gratuity not included.

Escatawba Dates  2021 ……Upcoming Dates

March 2021.        SOLD OUT

June 2, 2020       

                        Client Mike James with a 28″ Escatawba rainbow…….

Rose River Farm Trips  A new but premium destination for us, Dry fly and nymph fishing at its finest – a private water section on the Rose River …this is cold, crystal clear, spring fed water that has a river rock base with very little sediment. The water is rich in the kind of natural trout food that produces trophy conditions. Come and spend a day on this private water – or add a night or two in a luxury cabin  and make it a Virginia fly fishing vacation.  Fly fishing for trout is great anywhere but when you can do it in the majesty of the Rose River Valley you really have something special. Looking out at Old Rag Mountain, Double Top Mountain and  you will fish for trout as President Hoover did 75 years ago. Make sure you bring your watch – it’s easy to lose track of time.  Not only is this a great trout stream, but the Farm also is a working Black Angus Farm and also produces Wine….Impeccable Peach, Rainbow Red, and Rockfish White .  A  medium sized water that is teeming with all three species of trout, as well as a few ‘tiger trout’ as well.  Trip Rate is $295 per Angler

Rose River Farm Spring Dates

Feb  2021  


IMAG3683NorthWESTERN NC Trout Bum Spring Trip  March 23-24, 2021…Nov 11-12, 2020..Two Dates to Choose From!  ….a 2 day trip to some  of Northwestern NC’s most fabled trout waters and some of our favorites as well.  Two day spring trip …2  day trip we’ll have available to us the waters of the Little R, Elk, Big Horse Creek, Helton Creek, and others.  The two day fall trip will focus on larger waters like South Fork, North Fork , North Toe, Catawba R, and Watauga Gorge.  In the general area there’s tons of great water and great fishing and together with the quality scenery make for an unbeatable NC trip.  2 days fishing, lunch and dinner on 18th, breakfast and lunch on the 19th,  and  lodging on night of the 18th  included.  Fall trip lunch and dinner on 11/11 and breakfast and lunch on 11/12 with one nights lodging on the 11th.  We can take up to 4 anglers per trip, now taking reservations for this trip….should be another two great ones!  These will likely sell quickly based upon the initial customer interest…… Trip Rate is $350.00 per angler.  As of  Jan 2020 both trip dates have 6 open slots.  Contact us here if you are interested in joining us on this great trip.


March 23,24-2021  

November  2021  


TN Tailwaters Trip  Trip  May 12-13, 2021

Our most popular trip….2  Day Trip, w/semi -private River Access, we’ll be fishing both the SoHo and the Watauga, includes  lodging on a private stretch of the South Holston,  2 days fishing, all meals, instruction, and 1 night’s lodging included.  The Spring date is made around the legendary SoHo sulphur hatch and Blue Winged Olives, while  the fall trip date  is around some great dry fly fishing/ Blue Winged Olives.  We can take up to 4 anglers per trip, now taking reservations for our 2020 trips….should be another great one! This one always sells quickly..quite fitting though as its the best trout fishing east of the Rockies and would give even places out West a serious run for the title.. Trip Rate is $375.00 per angler.  As of MAY 2021  his one has NO open slots.   Contact us here if you are interested in joining us on future trip, and I’ll provide info on it.   SOLD OUT


TN TAILWATERS  Fall /Early Winter DATE    Dec 1-2, 2020

Our moimag1160st popular trip, so much so we added a Fall/early winter trip date as well….2 1/2 Day Trip, w/semi -private River Access, we’ll be fishing both the SoHo and the Watauga, includes lodging on a private stretch of the South Holston, 2 days fishing, all meals, instruction, and 2 nights lodging included. The Spring date is made around the legendary SoHo sulphur hatch and Blue Winged Olives, while the fall trip date is around some great dry fly fishing/ Blue Winged Olives. We can take up to 4 anglers per trip, now taking reservations for our 2019 trips….should be another great one!This one will likely sell quickly…. Trip Rate is $375.00 per angler. Contact us here if you are interested in joining us on future trip,  and I’ll provide info on it. 


20140623_144649SouthWest  VA Trophy Trip Private Waters 2021 – Clinch R Headwaters

3 waters available and these waters have some of the largest fish you will catch East of the Mississippi, and many fish will rival anything out  West.   A fish up to or over 10lbs is a real possibility on any of these trips, and 20 inch fish are pretty much normal…..a given.  Two rivers, Little River and Big Cedar Fork, are both  fertile limestone tributaries to the Clinch River and  contain some real leviathans. Not only some of the largest trout you’ve ever held in your hands, but also some trophy smallmouth opportunities during summer and fall months. A third water, Wolf Creek, flows along with the Clear Fork and is a trib to the New River  just north of Big Walker Mtn. Wolf Creek has large fish as well as more than a few smallmouth that can be trophy size as well. Due to limited access, the desire to promote these trips to our customers, and the premium experience, these trips are $295.00 .   This can be done on any date and the way you do it is just message me with the date you’d like and we can go from there.  Season is September through early June.   You can visit our contact us page here  and message right from there about the trip and the date you’d like….very simple!  Get your shot at some real trophies ….let’s Go Fly Fishing!


Summer Smallmouth Sampler Sept 2021 Dates TBA
-Join me for a “late summer smallmouth ” trip to some of my favorite waters.  During this two day adventure we’ll fish some great water, which might include both NC and VA stretches of the New River.   A great way to “get away” from the summer “trout stream blues” if your favorite trout stream is low and clear.  Smallmouth don’t care about that:  in fact, our best fishing on the fly is typically during what we’d consider “drought” conditions.   Also, just a great way to get introduced to some great summer fishing that is available to us every summer.   Includes Lodging for two nights, food  (breakfast, two lunches, and one dinner ), and fishing.  Includes wading and possibly some floating in our custom Clackacraft driftboats.   Trip Rate is $375 per angler.  We’ll take 4 anglers on this one.  Message me here if you have questions or are interested in reserving a slot on this trip.


Brown.P1030105-MWHITE River / NORFORK River ARKANSAS TRIP SEPT 2020 Dates TBA
6 Day Trip, we’ll be fishing the world famous White and Norfork tailwaters, browns, rainbows, brookies, and cutthroats….but the chances at trophy browns are what make these waters world famous.  We’ll be getting in 4 days of fishing, which includes 3 days floating and one day of wade fishing.   4 days fishing, all meals, lodging, all ground transportation included.   We  can take up to 4 anglers per trip, now taking reservations for our Sept 2019  trip….should be another great one!   This one will likely sell quickly…. Trip Rate is $1795.00 per angler. Contact us here if you are interested in joining us on this great trip, or if you’d like more information  I’ll gladly provide info on it.


NC Trout Bum Trip Fall Nov 11-12, 2020  -One of our most popular trips again, We will be fishing up to 4 waters including the special regs water on Wilson Creek, Toe River, Cane River, Cane Creek, Catawba River….some of the best fall fishing you will do….!  Includes 2 full days fishing, lunch and dinner on 11/11, breakfast and lunch on 11/12, lodging the night of 11/11.   Trip Rate is $350 per angler.  We’ll take 4-5 anglers on this one, we’d love to have you join us!  Pictured Left:  Ronnie Brown of Reidsville, NC, with a trophy/citation rainbow caught less than a mile from where we will be staying.  As of Feb 2020 Spaces available.  Purchase your slot



Frontiers International Travel
In addition to the trips we design and host, we also are a licensed Frontiers International Booking Agent and can help you choose/book any one of many trips both domestic and international – – -from fishing in the NE United States to the Western Rockies to New Zealand to Australia to the Bahamas- – -fresh or saltwater we can help you arrange/plan the trip of a lifetime.  Call me at 336 944-3628 or shoot me an email if I can help or answer any questions you may have.  American West destinations include Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oregon.  International destinations include Argentina, Africa, Alaska, Canada, Chile, Iceland, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Russia, South America, Bahamas, Venezuela, and more.  To learn more check out the Frontiers Travel site here .