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I build quality listings in house, customers can drop off an item or call for an appointment 336-944-3628 and we can discuss what your item might be worth or how it might sell or what it might sell for.  I will usually build the listing, take several quality photos of the item, post or list the item on eBay, and then send you a link where you can view the item and track its progress as the bidding process takes place.  This permits you to know all details at any time 24/7 and you can know how the bidding is going.  Our specialty is hunting and fly fishing and conventional fishing gear….We only do these types of items.  I have over 3500 eBay transactions to date and have achieved a 100% feedback rating in terms of quality of service, cost, shipping , logistics, etc. 

I offer drop off, pick up options as well.  I can pickup, photograph, build an ad, and list the item via mobile internet as well.  This offers flexibility where folks can see first hand the extensive process of listing items and how much of a value it is having someone do this for them.  It is a considerable amount of work, and how its done makes all the difference in the world.  For drop off items, I will photograph items in house here at my studio, build or list items, then process the sale and ship all goods.

1. I am licensed in my state and I charge my clients a commission on the final sale price of your items. I only charge you for items that sell but I reserve the right not to list items I believe won’t sell on eBay. Call me for details on my commission structure

2.  Ebay charges me, the Trading Assistant, a listing fee for some listings.  Usually it is a nominal fee, often less than $ .50.

3. All items incur a final value fee if they sell.  If your item sells, you’re charged a final value fee. The final value fee is based on the item’s total cost to the buyer which includes item price, shipping and handling costs, and any other fees the seller may charge, excluding any sales tax. If your item doesn’t sell, you won’t be charged this fee.

4.  My fee is 10% for items up to $150, 15% for items over that price.  As a seller, please consider that not only am I listing, photographing, responding to questions on the item, processing the sale, buying the shipping supplies, packing the item, labeling it appropriately, delivering it to the post office to complete the shipping process.  It is a labor of love, no doubt.

5. Extra promotion for expensive items is available for an additional fee. Call me to discuss specific amounts and available promotion options.


1.    I sell all products “as is” and do not offer a return policy. If you would like me to offer a return policy for the items for any reason, we can negotiate that as part of the deal.
2.    I prefer to start all my listings out at $1.00 because it really drives excitement.  Of my eBay experience, this is what gets the most for an item, particularly if you are not sure of its value or how it may sell. If you’d like me to start listings at a higher price we’ll have to negotiate out terms.
3.    If you would like me to add feature fees to your listings I can do that but I’ll take the fees out of what I am selling for you.
4.    Buyers on eBay really need to know all the specifics of any item you are selling. The more you can tell me about your item the more successful we’ll be selling. Please be sure to tell me about any damage or aspects of your item that would make it less appealing to buyers (honesty goes a long way on eBay).
5.    I have a feedback of over 1000  and 100% and I always leave positive feedback for my buyers. Please sell with me because I have a long-standing reputation on eBay and a set of loyal buyers.
Visit the Contact Us page here  if you have an item/items you are interested in selling.

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