Where Fly Fishing is A Professional Passion


This page contains photos from our time on the water, and you will find them on our local waters.  At one point or another they are of angling significance as well, and where they are found the fish will and do feed on them.  Feel free to forward any questions to us here and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.  I am not an entomologist, but am very familiar with insects on our local waters and a have done a lot of stream study on my own – – nearly 30 yrs worth.  An excellent website with some insect info that is very accurate and reliable for our area is called Troutnut and is done by Jason Neuswanger.  This page continues to be  under construction, as I am adding new photos daily/weekly—thanks for your patience and eventually we’ll have each insect listed named to you can reference to what you find on the water.

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