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“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

“Jeff, What a thrill, I was able to land a huge 25 inch rainbow trout with your help of talking me through each run…and instructing me when to reel and when to rest.  Thank you so much Jeff.  You stuck with me when I was giving up!  Fabulous trip!”  – Mimi Williams, Lexington, NC, on Oct 13, 2012 NC Guided Trip

“I had a wonderful day of fishing with Jeff. I had never fished in my life before and Jeff was a very skilled and knowledgeable teacher who showed me how to pick up the basics in no time at all. Hours passed by with us catching fish and forgetting what the time was. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with Jeff as well, who is a very likeable and easy-to-talk-to guy. I hope to book future lessons with Jeff again to further pick his brain on how to improve my fishing techniques, but also just to hang out with him and catch some more fish!….Thanks again, Sandeep   – Sandeep Mazumder, Professor, Economics, Wake Forest University, on our May 5,2014 guided trip/lesson.


“Jeff, Hope you’re doing well. A group of 6 of us from Highland got back on Tuesday from a long weekend trip to Colorado, where we fished the Big Thompson, Mills Lake and the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the Poudre R, outside of Fort Collins. Apart from the Madam X flies we got from St. Peter’s Fly Shop in Fort Collins, your Dead Squirrel was the only other fly that worked for us on the Poudre R. Thought you’d be glad to know that your patterns are equally effective in the Rockies!” –  Randy Harris , Winston-Salem, NC, on our ‘Dead Squirrel’ Fly, a fly he landed a 24″ rainbow on a guided fishing trip and became a believer in this great fly, Aug 2013

“I had the opportunity to fish with Jeff Wilkins guide service on a trip to Escatawba Farms Va and had a wonderful experience.  He is extremely knowledgeable about fly fishing, fly tying, entomology and all other subjects we talked about in the car on the trip as well as on the water while we were fishing.  He is not limited to only talking about trout, but has extensive knowledge about most subjects that were brought up on our 15 hrs together.  It was the total package for anyone interested in fly fishing, from beginner to advanced.  You will have a fantastic trip even if the fish are not cooperating.  He was a true pleasure to be with and a true value for his fee.  Just the chance to pick his brain about which patterns to fish and tie was worth his fee.  If you want a very enjoyable, relaxed, productive and fun day fishing, Jeff Wilkins is the man for the job.  I highly recommend him!” – Dr. Mike Lanning, Thomasville, NC, on our 2012 Escatawba Farms trip

“Having Jeff as a fishing guide is like having a PGA caddie with you on the links. I hired Jeff twice, and both times he made me look like an expert!” – Fred Gebarowski, Apex , NC, on our 2009, 2011 trips

“Jeff, Thank you for the South Holston Trip and river information.  I want to commend you on your seasoned professional style of guiding and your ability to demonstrate an exceptional mastery of that profession.  You make guides like Ken and me proud.  Best Regards, Gene” – Gene Giza and Ken Okorn, guides on the famed Pennsylvania limestone country stream The Yellow Breeches, on our two day March 14, 2012 TN South Holston tailwater Trip.  Gene operates Four Seasons Fly Fishing and you can visit his site here  .

“Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how much my son and I enjoyed our casting lesson with you today.  I think there is a misconception out there that fly fishing is so complicated that its only for the older folks.  I believe you will agree that my eight year old son , Gray, picked up on the basic techniques quite easily under your instruction.  he is already looking forward to the next lesson with Mr. Jeff.   I encourage all your present and future clients with children to invest in a joint lesson with you.  Its definitely worth it.  Thanks for giving us a start in what I know will result in many, many years of shared enjoyment and memories between a father and son.”  Marc Tyrey, Tyrey Law Offices, High Point , NC , on our July 2012 casting lesson

“Jeff, thanks again for a great day on the South Holston and pictures to prove it.  Went to Smith River yesterday to try some  beetle fishing and got run over by a sulphur hatch.  Caught 30+ browns all on emergers or cripples, many above 10″ on my 3 weight.  Worked on my hook set and thanks to your instruction did better.  My best non beetle day ever on the Smith River….”  Neal Mitchell, Greensboro, NC , on our June 2013 trip on the South Holston fishing the sulphur hatch

“Jeff, Thursday with the storms the water on Big Springs got really dingy and your CDC Mess Sulphur pattern was amazing….5 big fish in 20 casts, they didn’t just eat it they head hunted it…viscious strikes….today was all dries , 3 of those fish were over 20″…- Dr Thomas Wolff, Winston-Salem, NC, on using one of our special selective trout dries on the South Holston River, TN

“Jeff, I have had a few days to reflect on the fishing trip to Helton Creek and just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you put into the class and the trip.  I have fished for several years and have been Trout fishing with a spinning reel but never a fly rod.  I tried to teach myself how to cast and read several pieces of literature but it all came together after attending the class and enjoying a great day of fly fishing.  Not often in this day and time do we take the time to say thank you for what others do but I want you to know you have helped me start a new chapter in my and my son’s life.  We will be taking other trips together to improve our skills and will be calling you up one day for a guided trip.  The wives were impressed with our catch also.  Thanks for all your help and hope to see you on the river.”  Wayne Warren, High Point, NC, on our Fall 2011 Fly Fishing 101 Class, Sept /Oct 2011

“Jeff, Thanks so much for a great day on the water.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to getting the CD of pictures as a memory.  Your hot lunch was great and I enjoyed our canine friends joining us.  I think Friday proved that the cold temperatures bother the fishermen more than the fish.  The citation rainbow was icing on the cake as well as getting my first brown trout.  We’ll have to do this more often in the future.” – Mike Perry, Thomasville, NC  on our 12-5-2008 Trip

“Jeff, I was reflecting on my recent trip with you to the South Holston.  I just want to thank you for an incredible day.  As a “novice”, and having only been fly fishing a couple of times before this trip, I was a bit concerned about being overwhelmed with the complexities or not just fly fishing, but fly fishing on that type of river.  However, your guidance, instruction, and patience were invaluable.  Not only did you put me on some great browns and rainbows, but the experience with you has me now completely “hooked’.  I hope we can connect again soon.” -Shaun Redgate, Forest, VA, , on our July 29, 2011 South Holston Trip, incredble day of dry fly fishing with terrestrials and then an afternoon sulphur hatch……………………………………….

“Hey Jeff,  a Big, Big thank you for an outstanding smallmouth day on the New.  I have used the techniques you taught me and they worked great.  I am looking forward to booking another trip in the fall for the SoHo.  Best day of fly fishing I ever had!  Thank you…”  Dick Simpson, Burlington, NC on our 6-7-2011 New River Smallmouth Trip

Jeff, Great Trip.  Great Guys.  Great weather. Great location.  Great fishing.  Great guide.  Great fun.  You absolutely do it all.  Thanks!   I can’t wait for the June trip! ”  All the Best, David” – David Carter, Greensboro, NC, President , Emerging Technologies, Inc., on our 5-10 through 5-12-2011 South Holston Tailwaters Trip.

“Thank you for making it a fun day for Tim!  The fishing is all he has talked about since he has been home.  He has already asked for another trip for his birthday in July and next Christmas also.  He really had a good time and he said it was one of the best presents he has ever received.  I will be back in touch to set up another trip in the future.” Kim James, Stokesdale, NC, on purchasing husband Tim James a guided March 25, 2011 Fishing trip .

“Jeff, thanks for the great trip yesterday.  Brian and I really had a ball and learned a lot.  Its always nice to catch some fish, but we would have had a great time even if the fish had not been so cooperative.  Thank you also for the nice photo album.  In addition to your other talents, you are also a good photographer.  We were able to share our trip with Judy through your photos.  You really go the extra mile for your clients.”   John Pratt, Burlington, NC, on he and his son Brian’s Guided Trip on April 4, 2011.

“Jeff, Thanks for an unforgettable trip yesterday.  Escatawba Farms was beautiful.  The whole day far exceeded my expectations.  Your patience, professionalism, and knowledge makes the service you provide to your customers invaluable.  All the trout caught yesterday were awesome, but especially those two beasts at dusk.  I am so glad that Meah and I saw you on  Fox 8 and she made the call and got me hooked up with such a great guy.   I will never forget the good time we had yesterday and look forward to making many more memories in the future…”  –Marty Hurley, Asheboro, NC on our 1-7-2011 Escatawba Farms Trip.

“Jeff, We received the link to the photo album of yesterday’s trip.  You can put this on your testimonials page that Andrew said it was one of the best days of his life and Mark definitely put it in his top 5.  I also had a great time meeting you and fishing with you.  We are saving up our money for the next trip with you…”  Ho Young Lee, TIAA-CREF Financial Services, Managing Director, Charlotte, NC on our 6-2-2010 Trip

“Hi Jeff, Thanks for your help yesterday.  I thought the live segments turned out very well and who knew Shannon would actually catch some fish!:) Take care and hopefully we’ll be in touch in the future.”  Felicia Barlow, Executive Producer FOX8/WGHP on our 7-8-2010 (5) live morning news segments on fly fishing with reporter Shannon Smith

“Jeff, I just have to say thank you to you again.  On Saturday I landed 84 fish all on your patterns from 11am-5pm.  It was unbelievable.  I caught 19 straight fish on the blackfly with the peacock herl.  After the pulse I went to the tan thread BWO CDC emerger, then to the sulphur version, and they just ate, and ate, and ate.  All from knowledge that you have passed on.” – Mark Stauffer, Greensboro, NC, Sr. Director Operations, Merz Pharmaceuticals, on our August 2010 fly tying lesson on South Holston fly patterns

“Jeff, Thank you for providing the best day of fishing that Brian Donley and I have ever had.  Your help was invaluable in not only the enjoyment of the trip but the productivity we experienced.  I greatly appreciate the special help you gave us.  We had a fantastic fishing experience, and a great day with a friend….” Jim Fealy, High Point, NC Chief of Police on our 4/23/2010 Trip

“Dear Jeff, Thanks so much for your help.  You are a terrific guy and a great guide as well.  Look forward to fishing with you again.  Thanks again.” – Dr. Hyman Muss, UNC-Chapel Hill Cancer Hospital/Ctr on our 4/8-9/2010 Trip

“Landed my biggest fish ever on the Holston today, 25 inch rainbow on 7X, got him during generation on the back side of the island below the weir dam, he was behind some drowned tree debris and fell prey to one of your pheasant tails….”  Dr. Tom Wolff, Winston-Salem, NC 6/27/2008

“Jeff, I frequent your site a lot – it is top-notch for sure.  I have it under my favorites for referral to NC Fishing questions.”   Your friend always,  Bob Clouser, Middletown, PA  8/17/2007

“Jeff, I learned a lot from you and had a great day.  Your passion for fishing is evident and infectious.  I will keep an eye on your site so as not to miss my turn at poster boy.  Then I can send my fishing buddies a link to your site and maybe you will pick up a few more customers.  Believe me, when my friends see what I can catch with you, they will think you are a wizard, not a guide.  I look forward to fishing with you again soon.  I promise to go a little easier on your fly supply”.  Cooper Adams Winston-Salem, 6/15/2007

“Jeff, Escatawba was glorious.  Many thanks to you and Tom for your expert guiding and instruction.  We could not have asked for a more perfect day.  Thanks again.”  Kathy Young, Winston-Salem, NC. 5/22/2007

“Jeff, stayed up practicing blood knots and perfection loops for the New Polish rig (you showed me).  Had a great time yesterday….best guide I’ve ever had…bar none.  Looking forward to follow up future trips.” Dr. Randy Jackson, Greensboro, NC.  11/21/2006

“Hi Jeff, I was fishing Saturday with your conehead crayfish and caught two nice size Largemouth bass.  Sunday same thing until I lost the conehead in a tree and nothing after that.  The amazing thing was I outfished other fishermen who were using live shiners and worms.  Your flies have been very successful for me.”  Rich Lerner, Staten Island, NY 9/27/2006

“Jeff, thanks very much for all your help and organization with the trip.  The equipment was top-notch and your attention to everyone’s needs was terrific.  There were great stories on the way home from both of my brothers, my Dad, and my son.  I did not consider the possibility that 4 novice fly fishermen could all catch multiple fish.  When you consider their ages ranged from 12 to 71 years your guiding skills were put to the test.  Thanks for a great trip.”  Jim Bryan, President, Fairystone Fabrics, Burlington, NC   10/17/2000

“Dear Jeff,  I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for guiding my husband Rick and his friends on their fly fishing trip.  Every single one of them came back calling it the guys trip of a lifetime.  They all want to go back in the spring.  Thank you for making my husband’s 40th birthday great!”  Patty Cates, CPA /GTCC Faculty  Jamestown, NC  11/25/2005

“Dear Jeff, many thanks for all the great and beautiful flies!”  Bob Timberlake, Lexington, NC  10/20/1999 (In response to the tying of some custom flies for the print “Kuralt at White’s Creek”)

“Your organization and patience is to be commended.  It is wonderful to meet someone who can share their interest and passion with others.  Best of luck to you in your business and sport.”  Manisha J. Patel, MD, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC 10/11/2004

“Jeff, thank you for a really good outing.  A little fresh air.  A little fresh water and some frisky fish.  It was a real treat for me.  I know I have more to learn about fly fishing, but Monday provided a meaningful introduction.  As I keep reporting to anyone who will listen – “This guy really knows his fish.”  And you are a very good Caretaker of them as well.  And a very good teacher of what you know.  Thank you for a most easy, memorable, and enjoyable day.  I hope I have the opportunity to join you on another adventure.”  Kim Carruth, Burlington, NC  8/1/2008

“Hi Jeff, Many thanks again for spending time with us on Helton Creek.  WOW!  In 20+ years of fishing with Dick, that was by far and away the best fishing trip yet.  Frequent changing of flies was indeed the trick, and armed with your arsenal of fly selections was the trick.  Anyway, a million thanks for being up there with us, it was one of those rare ‘Perfect Storm’ events, the perfect water, perfect weather, perfect everything.  Look forward to our next adventure, but thank you for this one!” – David Gardner, FICON US, Charleston, WV  11/8/2005

“Dear Jeff, thank you so much for teaching in the CALL Program.  Because of people like you, we are getting great response and positive evaluations for the fall semester classes.  I hope you realize that you have been an integral part of the CALL mission:  to make Greensboro and Guilford County a “learning community” where folks of all ages and abilities want to be a part of the lifelong learning process.  You are a great teacher!” – Betsy Seale, Director of Community Development, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  11/25/2003

“Jeff, first of all I want to say thanks for everything this weekend!  That was my best success fly fishing and I credit my guide.  It’s just amazing how much I learned about the river, identifying the right water, casting tips, “bug life”, fly tying, presentation, etc.  And I thought I knew a little about the sport when I arrived at the river.  I have a whole new appreciation for what you do.  The confidence I would have when you would instruct me where to cast was incredible—I just knew the fish were there and it was up to me to make the right presentation.  You put me on the fish everytime- – -it was a blast!  Thanks again, Rick”  Rick Mascia, CISCO, Greensboro, NC 5/23/2006 fishing on TN’s South Holston Tailwater

“Jeff, Thanks for putting together such a great trip!  It is easy to see why you are head and shoulders better than most of the people in your field.  It has been hard to get back into my routine because all I can think about is Wyoming!”  Munsey Wheby, Sanford, NC 9/10/2008 on our 2008 Wyoming Trip

“Jeff, You were awesome.  We had a great time and true to your word Dereck’s on the Home Page.  I just sent the link to about thirty people.  Hopefully we can get up to the Watauga in a few weeks.”  Ted Register, Greensboro, NC, HP Business Critical Server Specialist, on our 10/3/2008 NC Mtns Trip where his son Dereck landed a Citation sized Rainbow

“I live in South Florida and jumped at the opportunity to attend a fly fishing school in Tennessee with Jeff Wilkins.  The link will bring you to my website that tells the story:  http://www.peterspirito.com/SHolstonTN.htm I have since signed up to fish again with Jeff in December.  He is quite a guy”  Peter Spirito, FL, on our May 2008 TN Tailwaters Trip & School, where we got in an epic sulphur hatch and caught many fish.

“Jeff, thanks again for a fantastic day on Saturday.  It was one of the finest fishing days I have had in my life.  I will remember heading down the river for as long as I live!  I know God gave us the fish, but he has made you a talented yet humble guide, one of the best I have ever been with.”  Dr. Spencer Tilley, Tilley Cardiology, on our 10/25/2008, on our 50+ fish day and he received an Award Citation from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources  Commission for one of the rainbows

Jeff, Thank you for 2 spectacular days (11-04-08 & 11-07-08) on Helton Creek & North Fork of the New River.  We would never have caught “the big one” without your patience, knowledge & skill.  What a wonderful experience—we look forward to many future fishing trips with you!!!!  JEFF IS THE BEST!!!!     If you want to catch fish…Do NOT Hesitate to book a trip with http://www.jeffwilkinsflyfishing.com (Diane & Dr. Scott Bertrand, Greensboro, NC), on our 2 November trips we had a 20 fish day the first day and a 50-60 fish day the second, including (2) 20 inch fish (1 23″ rainbow) that earned Diane  (2) Award Citation Trophy Fish Certificates from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission for her trophy catches.

Jeff, WOW!  THANK YOU!  What a day of supreme enjoyment. I can’t thank you enough for the day of fly fishing Mike and I enjoyed on the South Holston tail-water yesterday.  We could probably have caught some fish on our own.  However, we wouldn’t have caught nearly as many trout without your guiding efforts and we wouldn’t have known the best sections to fish.  There is no question that  we wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much as we did with your outstanding guiding efforts.  Yesterday will replay in my memory, and revive my spirits, for a long time as one of the most enjoyable days of trout fishing I have experienced in many years.  The greatest highlight for me was watching Mike expertly fight that big rainbow that jumped 6 times by my count.  It looked to jump almost 4 feet out of the water, seemingly suspended in air.  That fish put up an outstanding fight only to be landed and released by an outstanding angler.  I really enjoyed watching Mike catch those big trout.  The topwater bite at the end of the day was tremendous fun.  Your little CDC foam wing fly is outstanding.  Those wild brown trout sure are beautiful jewels to behold and by far my favorite trout to catch. Again, thank you for an outstanding guiding effort that provided Mike and me a fantastic and fun filled day under some pretty tough weather conditions.  You are truly the best trout fishing guide it has ever been my pleasure to hire for a day on the water.Yesterday, I was truly blessed to share a day on the water with two very good friends.  Anthony Hipps, FFF , Nat Greene Fly Fishers, and published Fly Tyer, originator of the incredible Soft Body Popper, on our 4/20/2009 trip with Mike Perry on TN’s South Holston Tailwater in Emmett, TN.

“Jeff, I can hardly express the deeper understanding you have taught me about fly fishing and insect life in the stream.  I am twice the flyfisherman I was the day before our trip on the South Holston River.  I look forward to the same trip next year.  If you can, please include my brother Gary.  You are a credit to all fly fishing guides.”  –Kim Arthurs, Wilmington, Delaware, on our May 2010 South Holston Trip, Possum Creek, TN.